Wondering what everyone is getting in there 26 Nosler With Retumbo. Want to use Retumbo over US869 and rl33 due to temp insensitive. I would like to use 140 Accubonds and push them 3250+. Is this possible? My second choice would be 127lrx or 130 AccuBond close to 3400. thanks
Nosler Reloading Bullets Ballistic Tip Hunting 270 Caliber .277 130 Grain [27130] - Ammo Freedom carries nosler reloading bullets and reloading supplies. Find nosler reloading for sale online, in-stock and ready-to-ship.

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Jan 07, 2016 · I am running 85gr of US869 in the 26 Nosler with a 143gr ELD-X. Surprisingly, I am averaging 3320fps from a 26″ barrel. I did not expect that velocity. I thought I would be ~3200fps. I am loaded 2.805″ to ogive, COAL: 3.445″. It’s a great load in my rifle. It shoots sub Moa.
Nosler Reloading Brass 26 Nosler (Box of 25) Item #: 10140. $67.99. Qty: Nosler Custom Brass was developed to complement their line of custom bullets.

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Forster Full Length Sizing And Bench Rest Seater Die Sets - 7mm Weatherby Magnum Full Length Die Set. $98.99 $0. Forster Bench Rest Reloading Dies are of excellent quality and provide the reloader with the ability to produce concentric rounds time and time again.
Jun 03, 2014 · The 26 Nosler Load Data is here! Check out our extensive load data pages for more information. 26 Nosler Load Data . June 03, 2014 / Nosler Info / Nosler Info.

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Mar 02, 2018 · Looking at the Hodgdon reloading data for the 26 Nosler and 140 gr bullets,your max load velocities will be around 3100 fps. You will probably find a good accuracy node in the 2850-2950 fps area,so I wouldn't be too concerned about pushing the bullets too fast to where they don't perform well on game animals down range.

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55gr Nosler Ballistic ... The following loads were fired in a 26-inch barrel with a rate of twist of one turn in 10 inches. ... Load data tables from article included ...
Oct 18, 2015 · Fitting in between the 7mm-08 and the 243 Winchester, the 6.5 Creedmoor is excellent for long range shooting as well as hunting CXP2 (deer, antelope) sized animals. Ballistically, 6.5mm bullets are better suited for 1000 yard shots than a .30 cal bullet like the 308 Winchester uses. They’re longer, faster, and stay supersonic to longer […]

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Reloading Components. Bullets. Bullets Coating; ... Brass - 30 Nosler Unprimed Box of 50 PCC-30NOS50 Peterson Cartridge. $164.99. Add to Cart ... PRVI 26 items ...

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How do I break in the barrel on my Nosler rifle? Why are muzzle velocities sometimes published with 24” and 26” barrel lengths in magnum cartridges such as Weatherby and Nosler? Can I simply buy or rent a reamer and re-chamber my 223 Remington AR15 barrel to 22 Nosler? Over Gassed 22 Nosler AR-15 (Case head swipe and burr)

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May 22, 2012 · A reloader can choose from a great selection of traditional and high-tech 7mm bullets - from 100 to 175 grains. Highly accurate cup-and-core, polymer-tipped and Partition bullets cover most bases, and new bonded bullets and several lead-free projectiles add to the .280's versatility.

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